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EyeP Solutions, Inc. partners with tier one manufacturers for each of the network infrastructure and security solutions, providing enterprise level products and solutions for enterprise networks. The product sets are highly manageable and have inherent functionality with feature sets that provide a secure, depth in defense architecture.

Network Infrastructure

An icon of edge switches with plugs.
Edge Switches
At the core of every adaptable network is a flexible, secure and efficient switching platform. Adapt to changing market dynamics and customer requirements without the need to rip and replace the infrastructure. We deploy edge switches that are high-performance and have comprehensive coverage from edge to core.
Highly scalable switches provided by EYEP Solutions Inc.
Data Center Switches
High-performing and highly scalable switches provided by EyeP Solutions, Inc. allow for effortless connections in data centers.
Routers for data.
Router Platforms
We deploy router platforms that are designed with cloud-scale requirements for enterprises, data centers, cloud computing, high-performance computing (HPC), big data analytics, and internet exchange points (IXP).
A white box that helps with wireless WiFi.
Secure Wireless Access Connectivity
Experience secure wireless access points with our self-driving Wi-Fi solutions that have the same efficiency and capacity as if connected to wired Infrastructure.
A diagram that shows Application Load Balancers.
Application Load Balancers
We configure switches to perform load balancing, which enables web and network services to scale, meeting customer demand while providing high availability to the application.
Plugs that go into a monitor for storage.
Storage / Archive
Address data retention requirements with our secure, efficient, and scalable clustered network storage solutions. We support flexible options including cloud and on-premise object storage.

Network Security

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Reduce your cyber risks with high performance and next generation firewall solutions that secure data centers and critical infrastructure, all while meeting enterprise-grade security for businesses of all sizes with centralized policy management and visibility into your attack surface.
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Network Access Control (NAC)
Identify all authorized/unauthorized devices that are connected to your network. This will provide enhanced visibility over network assets, as well as the ability to control those devices and users, including dynamic, automated responses.
Malware Detection and Mitigation (Sand Boxing)
Our Advanced Threat Detection integrations analyze files in a contained environment to identify previously unknown threats and uncover the full attack lifecycle providing robust core protection capabilities against today's sophisticated attacks.
An icon of a shield.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
Designed to stop attacks at the source and proactively protect against future threats by blocking attackers, our intrusion detection system integrations will mitigate Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and prevent information theft.
An icon with rotating gears and parts.
Security Logging and Monitoring
We provide Security Information Event Management Systems that identify threat correlation, increase network situational awareness, and allow for remote management. Increase security effectiveness and faster response to threats with our security logging and monitoring solutions.
Graphics for SD Wan.
SD Wan
Fortinet Secure SD-WAN powered by Security-Driven Networking and purpose-built processors enables infrastructure and networking teams to deliver improved user experience, instant ROI, and simplified operations. Self-healing WAN capabilities, advanced routing, a natively integrated next-generation firewall, and centralized orchestration accelerate digital transformation at scale. Cloud services are more quickly accessed and costs are reduced by replacing MPLS lines with broadband. Further, zero-touch provisioning shortens deployment time. The solution enables future-proofing by consolidating LAN and WAN operations for SD-Branch, and is an ideal fit with emerging cloud-delivered SASE solutions.

“EYEP Solutions goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are taken care of. We came to them when we needed to add new hardware onto our Genetec Server. This installation gives us the ability to interact with customers through video with a door camera. We’d recommend anyone to EYEP Solutions because of their industry knowledge and great customer service.”

IT Support Specialist , Belmont, CA

“When we came to EYEP Solutions, our primary problem was our outdated network infrastructure. We chose to work with the EYEP team over other IT service providers because of their technical support design. The continued technical support and tailored customer attention following implementation has made working with EYEP worth the investment.”

IT Director , Belmont, CA

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