Professional Services

At EYEP Solutions, Inc. we are with you every step of the way: from project evaluation, conception, deployment, and post-implementation, we work closely with our customers to provide the ideal solution. Our managed services include but are not limited to, Security and Risk Management, Training, Staff Training, On-site and Remote Service, Troubleshooting, and Configuration. 

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Security / Risk Management
EYEP Solutions Inc. leverages the Standards defined in FIPS-199, Security Categorization of Federal Information and Information Systems which provides guidelines that apply to all Verticals, Public or Private Sector Recommended services, including the classification of Information Systems and the potential impact a security breach of these Assets would have on an organization.
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Risk Assessment
EYEP Solutions assists our customers with conducting an Organizational Risk Assessment by first identifying the Assessment Scope, conducting the assessment thereby creating a list of information security risks, analyzing potential threats and vulnerabilities, informing Risk Management, and guiding an operational Risk Response strategy.
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Change Control / Configuration Management
Change Control starts first with documenting current asset configurations and their automated backup schedule. Policies and Procedures would first be established for the operational aspects of the Change Management Process, inclusive of a Security Impact assessment, proper notification and Implementation.
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Staff Mentoring / Staff Augmentation Services
Support Services engagements are typically implemented as a “Pool of Hours.” Our customers use these hours as needed, either for individual IT Projects, weekly staff augmentation, or on an "as needed " basis for daily on-site engagements.
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Annual Support Contract
EyeP Solutions Inc.’s Annual Support Contract is available to help you maximize your investment with 24/7, all-in-one, support. We offer technical support, on-site support, reports and analytics, and repair services, along with keeping your products up-to-date. Whatever you may need, the Annual Support Contract ensures EyeP Solutions Inc. will have you covered no matter what.
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Business Continuity & Planning
EYEP Solutions Inc. assists organizations with Business Continuity Planning, the development of Policies and Processes while ensuring security guidelines and security standards have been implemented, supporting the business objectives of the organization. Examples of initial Policy Development and Implementation might be Acceptable Use Policies and the Development and Implementation of an Authorized Network Access Policy.
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Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessments are part of the Risk Assessment process and are designed to gauge the effectiveness of the Security Controls that have been implemented. The goal of a commissioned penetration test would be to evaluate the risk profiles of the environment by simulating an attack on the system or network with defined objectives and stated goals.
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Project Implementation
EYEP Solutions provides a full complement of Implementation services centered around our Solutions Offerings. Professional Service engagements can be contracted individually or as a bundled service for Project implementation.