Professional Services

At EYEP Solutions, Inc. we are with you every step of the way: from project evaluation, conception, deployment, and post-implementation, we work closely with our customers to provide the ideal solution. Our managed services include but are not limited to, Security and Risk Management, Training, Staff Training, On-site and Remote Service, Troubleshooting, and Configuration. 

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Security / Risk Management
EYEP Solutions Inc. Applies FIPS-199 Standards for Robust Security Categorization Across All Sectors.
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Risk Assessment
EYEP Solutions Inc. Guides Organizational Risk Assessments: From Scope Definition to Operational Risk Response Strategy Development.
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Change Control / Configuration Management
Initiating Change Control: Documenting Configurations and Establishing Operational Policies for Effective Change Management.
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Staff Mentoring / Staff Augmentation Services
Flexible Support Services: Leveraging 'Pool of Hours' for Tailored IT Solutions, Staff Augmentation, and On-Demand On-Site Engagements.
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Annual Support Contract
Unlocking 24/7 Comprehensive Support: EyeP Solutions Inc.'s Annual Contract Ensures Maximum Investment Returns with Technical Assistance, On-Site Services, Reports, Analytics, Repairs, and Up-to-Date Products.
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Business Continuity & Planning
Strengthening Business Continuity with Aligned Policies and Processes, Integrating Security Measures to Support Organizational Objectives.
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Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing
Ensuring Robust Security: Vulnerability Assessments and Commissioned Penetration Tests Evaluate and Enhance the Effectiveness of Implemented Security Controls.
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Project Implementation
Delivering Comprehensive Implementation Services Aligned with Tailored Solutions, Available Individually or Bundled for Project Excellence.