About Us

EYEP Solutions is a leading Western Regional Value-Added Reseller (VAR) that provides cutting-edge Secure Network Information Technology and Physical Security Solutions. Established in 2005, we have extensive expertise in Data Networking. Leveraging this proficiency, we have expanded our services to the Physical Security Sector, evolving into a converged service provider. EYEP Solutions remains at the forefront of deploying large Enterprise Data Networks with comprehensive Integration services. Our specialization extends to IT Engineering Support and Implementation services. Aligned with NIST’s body of work and its Special Publications governing IT Security and Monitoring, we ensure that our solutions adhere to the highest industry standards. Our offerings feature layered Security Controls, designed to meet regulatory compliance, including the FIPS 199/200 standards. Our customers are primarily State and Local Government entities. City Governments / County Governments / State Agencies / Critical Infrastructure / K-12 School Districts.