EyeP Solutions, Inc. and Rubrik Collaborate to Elevate Data Security Across Networks

In an impactful collaboration, EyeP Solutions, Inc., a top Western Regional Value-Added Reseller (VAR) specializing in Secure Network IT and Physical Security Solutions, has partnered with cybersecurity leader Rubrik.

Rubrik distinguishes itself by offering more than traditional data backups, focusing on Zero Trust Data Security and cyber resilience. This approach assumes every user and device is a potential threat, enhancing scrutiny and verification at every access point to reduce unauthorized data access or breaches–and helps organizations get back up and running quickly in the face of a cyber incident.

Together, Rubrik and EyeP Solutions aim to redefine data security, integrating Rubrik’s Zero Trust Data Security with EyeP Solutions’ advanced Secure Network IT solutions. This partnership provides a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

Rubrik’s commitment to Zero Trust Data Security aligns with EyeP Solutions’ dedication to secure network solutions. The collaboration is set to offer enhanced protection for data in digital and physical realms, emphasizing proactive measures and continuous verification.

In an era of constant cybersecurity challenges, the Rubrik and EyeP Solutions collaboration marks a milestone in fortifying data security. This joint effort highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach, enabling organizations to navigate the modern cybersecurity landscape with confidence.