i PRO award-winning camera.

i-PRO Awarded 2022 Campus Safety Best award for S-series multi-sensor camera

i-PRO is the recipient of the 2022 Campus Safety Best award for their S-series multi-sensor camera! As a technology partner, EYEP Solutions proudly carries and integrates i-PRO cameras.

The S-series multi-sensor camera’s discreet profile allows students to focus on learning and not on surveillance. With three and four-lens camera models available, security administrators can view a wider range and maximize budgets by simply installing one camera instead of three or four to cover the same space.

i-PRO’s award winning multi-sensor lineup includes features such as:

  • The thinnest, most discreet multi-sensor camera in the industry
  • Capable of running four powerful AI analytics applications
  • The industry’s most robust cyber security (FIPS 140-2 level 3 encryption and level 3 compliance)

Browse through the award-winning camera series here: i-PRO S-Series AI Cameras

(Source: Announcing the 2022 Campus Safety BEST Award Winners – Campus Safety (campussafetymagazine.com))