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Fortinet announces free training service for schools across the United States

During the White House National Cyber Workforce and Education Summit, a number of technology companies, including our partner Fortinet, pledged to contribute resources to reverse the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Fortinet announced its information security awareness and training service  will be free and readily accessible to U.S. schools in order to meet their goal of training one million citizens in Cybersecurity by 2026 (Source: Fortinet Announces Free Training Offering for Schools at White House Cyber Workforce and Education Summit | Fortinet)

Created by the Fortinet Training Institute, the Fortinet Security Awareness and Training service helps IT, Security and Compliance leaders build a cyber-aware culture where employees recognize and avoid falling victim to cyberattacks.  

Register for Fortinet Security Awareness training here: 

Security Awareness Training | Fortinet