EyeP Solutions, Inc. Transforms State Agency’s Security with Comprehensive Video Surveillance Overhaul

In the ever-evolving landscape of security technology, state agencies are constantly seeking ways to enhance their safety measures and improve operational efficiency. EyeP Solutions Inc., a leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions, recently spearheaded a groundbreaking project for a state agency, revolutionizing their video surveillance system. 

The challenge at hand was substantial: over 90 cameras, including outdated analog systems, needed replacement with modern, high-performance alternatives. EyeP Solutions Inc. undertook this task with precision, opting for Axis brand cameras and integrating them seamlessly with a Genetec Video Management System (VMS). 

One of the key enhancements introduced was the utilization of dome cameras and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras. These additions, strategically placed, allowed for a more comprehensive and flexible surveillance approach. The live monitoring center established by EyeP Solutions Inc. became the nerve center for real-time observation, offering the state agency an unprecedented level of control and oversight. 

What sets this project apart is the integration of various security components into a single, unified interface. EyeP Solutions Inc. went beyond video surveillance by incorporating access control into the system. Through a CCure integration and Plan Manager, the customer gained a ‘single pane of glass’ ability to monitor all security devices, including cameras and access points, on their floor plan map. 

The synergy achieved through this integration is a testament to EyeP Solutions Inc.’s commitment to providing holistic security solutions. The state agency now has a centralized hub for monitoring and managing their security infrastructure, streamlining their operations and bolstering their overall security posture. 

A standout feature of the EyeP Solutions Inc. project is the emphasis on enhancing response times. The engineering team worked closely with the state agency to integrate alerts and alarms into the system. This proactive approach enables the agency to expedite their security responses, ensuring a swift and effective reaction to potential threats or incidents. 

The success of this project has established EyeP Solutions Inc. as a trusted partner in the ongoing evolution of the state agency’s security initiatives. Recognizing the dynamic nature of security challenges, EyeP Solutions Inc. continues to support the customer with an ongoing support contract. This commitment ensures that the security system remains optimized, running efficiently, and adapts seamlessly to the agency’s evolving security needs. 

In conclusion, EyeP Solutions Inc.’s comprehensive overhaul of the state agency’s video surveillance system exemplifies the company’s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art security solutions. By leveraging advanced technology, strategic planning, and ongoing support, EyeP Solutions Inc. has not only transformed the agency’s security infrastructure but has also set a new standard for integrated and efficient security systems in the public sector. 


Customer Comments:

  • “Once assistance is requested, they are quick to respond and walk me through the problem, or come and resolve.”
  • “Customer service is top notch for all our needs, and I ask lots of questions they do not mind answering so I can learn about the system.”