EyeP Solutions and Genetec Proud Sponsors of CISF 2024: A Vision for Improving Security

In today’s landscape, protecting critical infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) is paramount. As threats continue to evolve, collaboration and education are essential for agencies and experts to develop strategies to safeguard these vital systems.

The 2024 Critical Infrastructure Security Forum (CISF) is a beacon of this collaborative effort. It enhances the knowledge and capabilities of local agencies, providing a platform for idea exchange and collaborative strategy development to fortify California’s infrastructure.

EyeP Solutions and Genetec proudly support CISF 2024, recognizing its significance in addressing evolving challenges in infrastructure security. The forum’s agenda offers comprehensive insights and practical solutions drawn from expert practitioners, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation crucial in the cybersecurity landscape.

The Executive Council & Advisory Board, formed in November 2023, drives the content of CISF 2024. It curates a program encompassing past, present, and future challenges in infrastructure security, equipping local governments to stay ahead of emerging threats.

As sponsors, EyeP Solutions and Genetec demonstrate their dedication to advancing infrastructure security. By supporting initiatives that promote collaboration, education, and innovation, they contribute to fortifying critical systems and safeguarding communities.

CISF will be held on May 1st at the Citrus Heights Community Center from 8am to 5pm. To register and view the agenda, please visit this link.