Extreme Connect Conference.

Extreme Networks announces SD-WAN, Digital Twin, and Universal Switch at ExtremeConnect ’22

EYEP Solutions Inc. attends Extreme Networks user conference, ExtremeConnect 2022, in Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s what was announced:


ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is an all-inclusive solution that includes appliances, operating and orchestration platform, security, support and maintenance, and a unique Customer Success program. With EYEP Solutions’ integration of Extreme’s new SD-WAN offering, enterprises can:

  • Simplify management by enabling customers to manage wired, wireless and SD-WAN from a single platform.
  • Enhance security by leveraging a range of options from built-in firewall to advanced cloud security using EdgeSentry (powered by Check Point).
  • Improve application performance optimizing more than 4,000 apps and dynamically routing traffic to ensure quality experiences for critical applications like voice and video.
  • Improve TCO via a simple, cost-effective subscription licensing model inclusive of hardware, software, support and customer success.

Offered as a subscription, this helps you preserve capital, accelerate ROI, and remove obstacles associated with SD-WAN implementation. Packages are tailored for your specific needs; to scale and grow with you, and are offered in flexible terms.

Digital Twin  

Customize your Extreme Digital Twin in Extreme XIQ to be public, private, or locally deployed.

  • Simplify staging, validation and deployment of switches and access points from the cloud with new digital twin capabilities. Eliminate weeks or months associated with hardware deployments by first creating a digital twin to ensure smooth roll outs.
  • Reduce mean time to resolution leveraging explainable AI/ML to distinguish network anomalies and help IT and network administrators see, verify and trust proactive insights.

Efficiently use IT resources with features like automated ticketing, which does not require customer action.

  • Manage the network from any device using ExtremeCloud IQ Companion. IT teams can flexibly manage operations and gain real-time visibility into the network, regardless of location or device.

Universal Switch 

Extreme introduced the 5720 Universal Switch, the latest in a series of high-performance, feature-rich wired switches for enterprise deployments. Benefits include: