EYEP group photo with ITS America Award.

City of Folsom teams up with EYEP Solutions Inc to deploy Genetec enclosure management solutions

The City of Folsom began a traffic cabinet upgrade in November 2021. Partnering with EYEP Solutions Inc for the project, City of Folsom decided to swap traditional keys for online enclosure management solutions and facilitated remote access for city staff and contractors– an award-winning decision! EYEP Solutions Inc. is proud to announce that the City of Folsom has been selected as the honoree for the “2021 Best of ITS” award by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) for the city’s use of Genetec’s Cloud Link Roadrunner technology. 

The Cloud Link Roadrunner is designed to meet the specific needs of an enclosure environment. It seamlessly connects to Security Center Synergis™, providing real-time monitoring of events and alarms, advanced cardholder and contractor management, and comprehensive reporting and traceability.  

The City of Folsom has been nationally recognized by ITS members for their traffic cabinet security implementation. As one of the few resellers able to integrate this, EYEP Solutions Inc. deployed the cutting-edge Roadrunner technology to Folsom’s traffic cabinets that are now more securely protected and accessible by city employees because of the Roadrunner solution. Congratulations to the City of Folsom for working with EYEP Solutions Inc. to create an award-winning traffic enclosure system! 

Read the conversation with Folsom City Senior Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician, Shane Flaming, on the Genetec blog: Security Conversations: Enclosure management with Shane Flaming, City of Folsom (genetec.com)