Networks Are Our Business

EYEP Solutions Believes that IT Networks are the Business and that the Networks should be designed with a high degree of availability and managability. They should be secure and provisioned to allow only Authorized device connectivity.

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About Us

EYEP Solutions is a Western Regional Value Added Reseller (VAR) who provide Secure Network Information Technology and Physical Security Solutions. We were established in the year 2005 deeply experienced in Data Networking, bringing that experience to the Physical Security Sector and its evolution as a converged Service. EYEP Solutions continues to deploy large Enterprise Data Networks with full Integration services, specialize in IT Engineering Support and Implementation services.

EYEP Solutions aligns the solutions we provide with the body of work developed by NIST and it’s Special Publications, governing IT Security and Monitoring. Our solutions offer layered Security Controls that we deploy which typically meet the FIPS 199/200 regulatory compliance.

Our customers are primarily State and Local Government entities. City Governments / County Governments / State Agencies / Critical Infrastructure / K-12 School Districts.

Network Infrastructure and Security Solutions

EYEP Solutions partners with Tier One Manufactures for each of the network infrastructure and security solutions, providing Enterprise level products and solutions for Enterprise Networks. The product sets are highly Manageable and have inherent functionality with feature sets that provide a Secure, Depth in Defense architecture.

Network Infrastructure

  • Edge Switches - Policy Based Networking – Authentication w/ Dynamic Policy
  • Data Center Switches - High Performance 10/40/100GbE switching for Data Center applications
  • Router platforms - Designed with cloud-scale requirements for Enterprises, Data Centers, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data Analytics, and Internet Exchange Points (IXP),
  • Secure Wireless Access Connectivity - Providing same level of Access Control, Policy and Security for Wireless Connected Users / Devices and if connected to Wired Infrastructure.
  • Application Load Balancers - Enables Web and network Services to scale, meeting customer demand while providing High Availability to the Application.
  • Storage / Archeive - Addresses Data Retention requirements - Secure and efficient Clustered Network Storage solutions.

Network Security

  • Firewalls - High Performance and Next Generation Firewall Solutions securing Data Centers, Critical Infrastructure or remote site / small business connectivity requirements.
  • Network Access Control (NAC) - Identification of all Authorized / Unauthorized Network Connected Devices . Provides Inventory and Control.
  • Malware Detection and Mitigation (Sand Boxing) - These are Advanced Threat Detection , analyzing files in a contained environment to identify previously unknown threats and uncovering the full attack lifecycle.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems - Designed to stops attacks at the source of the threat and can proactively protect against future threats and vulnerabilities by blocking attackers, mitigate Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and prevent information theft
  • Security Logging and Monitoring - Security Information Event Management - Threat Correlation, Network Situational Awareness Remote Management

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Physical Network Security

Physical Network Security has evolved as a converged technology, with services delivered via an IP Network Infrastructure. EYEP Solutions designs and deploys Physical Network Security infrastructures for Video Surveillance and Access Control. EYEP Solutions provides Design Build services and assist customers with the requirements and planning, offering turn key Security implementations. EYEP Solutions specializes in the following Physical Network Security solutions

Network Video Surveillance

EYEP Solutions provides Enterprise level, Intelligent Video Management Applications. These solutions leverage a system hierarchy that is truly designed for the large scale viewing, recording and Forensics evaluation from thousands of high resolution Security Cameras. An Video Monitoring architecture with a scalability designed for Federation and ease of management of multiple disparate video systems, within the same entity or across multiple agencies.

Hosted Video Management

Automated software Applications that organizes digital video footage for video analysis. For Smaller or Remote sites requiring Video Surveillance, EYEP Solutions offers a Hosted, cloud based solution. Organizations can Seamlessly provision a CGIS Compliant, Cloud based on-demand service, minimizing their investment in on-premise hardware.

Video Forensic / Video Analytics

  • License Plate Recognition

    Analytical Technology for fixed or mobile applications making it easier to locate vehicles of interest, enforce or parking restrictions.

  • Video Synopsis

    Video Synopsis is the Forensic review of many Hours of Video in minutes with the simultaneous presentation of Objects, Events and Persons of Interest in a very powerful forensic format.

    This technology enables Law Enforcement or Security Officers to review, investigate and pin point events accurately in response to incidents or provide routine review for situational awareness of activities.

  • Alarm / Events

    Enhanced Configuration of the Video Surveillance system includes:

    Alarm Generation upon a “Cross line” detection, which has a high degree of accuracy and very low false positive rate.

    Video Event Trigger: Triggering events upon a particular Video analytic such as a person Loitering, Traffic / persons moving in wrong direction, Traffic or people counting or perhaps a Door contact or motion sensors can trigger events such as camera movement, alarms or Lock down.

Physical Access Control

Eyep Solutions provides Physical Security for Large multi-site facilities or smaller installations that might have just a few doors.

Our Building Access Control solutions are fully integrated with IP based Video Surveillance and a Security Command Console which also manages the integration of Intrusion Detection systems, Building Intercoms and Alarm Systems via a Single pane of glass for Security Operators and Administrators.

Solutions offerings include IP-Based, POE (Power Over Ethernet) door Controllers and Control Modules from leading manufactures. A few of the manufacturers are HID, ASSA Abloy and Mercury Security.

  • Main Access Control Features:

    Automated Access Control with Live updates syncronized with Active Directory

    Requested access can be cross referenced against stored card holder picture or Live Streaming Video.

    Alarm Triggers can be generated automatically and email or via Mobile app.

    Enterprise threat level management, inclusive of Area Lockdown based on a triggering event.

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Professional Services

EYEP SOLUTIONS believes in offering a targeted suite of support services which assist our customers meet the technology and business challenges when todays Network Infrastructures requires 99.999% availability.

Our staff has the training and experience to fully Design, Configure and Implement technology solutions. We maintain the Manufacture certification and Partner accreditations to fully support or customers for all phases of project implementation.

Project Pre-Implementation


  • Security / Risk Management

    EYEP SOLUTIONS leverages the  Standards defined in FIPS-199,  Security Categorization of Federal Information and Information Systems which provides a guidelines which apply to all Verticals, Public or Private Sector Recommended  services  include the classification of Information Systems and the potential impact a security breach of these Assets  would have on an organization.

  • Business Continuity and Planning

    EYEP SOLUTIONS assists organizations with Business Continuity Planning, development of Policy and Processes while ensuring security guidelines and security standards have been implemented, supporting the business objectives of the organization. Examples of initial Policy Development and Implementation might be  Acceptable Use Policies and the Development and Implementation of an  Authorized Network Access Policy

  • Risk Assessment

    EYEP Solutions assists our customer with conducting an Organizational Risk Assessment by first identifying the Assessment Scope, conducting the assessment thereby creating a list of information Security risks, analyzing potential threats and vulnerabilities, informing Risk Management, and guiding an operational Risk Response strategy.

  • Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing

    Vulnerability Assessments are part of the Risk Assessment process and are designed to gauge the effectiveness of the Security Controls that have implemented. The goal of a commissioned penetration tests would be to evaluate the risk profiles of the environment by simulating an attack on the system or network with defined objectives and stated goals.

  • Change Control / configuration Management

    Change Control starts first with documenting current asset configurations and their automated backup schedule. Policies and Procedures would first be established for the operational aspects of the  Change Management Process, inclusive of a Security Impact assessment, proper notification and Implementation.

Project Implementation

EYEP Solutions provides a full complement of Implementation services centered around our Solutions Offerings. Professional Service engagements which are typically executed are listed below. Each can be contracted “a la cart” or as a bundled service for Project implementation.

Staff Mentoring / Staff Augmentation Services

Support Services engagements are typically implemented as a “Pool of Hours”. Our customers have used these hours as needed either for individual IT Projects, Scheduled Weekly Staff Augmentation  or on "as needed " basis for daily on site engagements.

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Purchasing Contracts

Technology Partners

The Manufactures with which we partner, develop Commercial products designed for Enterprise Networks. They are highly Manageable and are designed with inherent features which provide a Secure, Depth in Defense architecture.

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